Vision statement

Lem Ethiopia envisions an Ethiopia whose environment is being sustainably managed that can adequately and continuously meet the livelihood security of the present and future generations.

b) Mission statement

Lem Ethiopia’s mission is to promote sustainable development and the improvement in the livelihood of the people through the promotion of conscious and deliberate actions by Ethiopian citizens.

c) Goal

The main goal of Lem Ethiopia is to create strong people’s movements in the country that can promote and implement concepts of sustainable livelihood/development.


Lem Ethiopia inspired by the overall concept of sustainable development which zeros in achieving economic and social goals, has the following fundamental objectives.

a) To enhance rational participation of the people in conservation and sustainable use of natural resources,

b) Play leading role to encourage those individuals, groups & organizations who support for the conservation of natural resources & appropriate utilization of the resources to integrate their efforts.

c) To generate legislative support for the issues of natural resources conservation & utilization by forming an important advocacy group in & outside the parliament.

d) To make a considerable effort towards avoiding negative impacts of technologies, products of technologies, chemicals and promote appropriate technologies specifically on energy & construction in rural & urban areas.

e) Give due support to the efforts focused on technologies, researches and systems that can improve abuse of resources.